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My practice integrates a range of methods and perspectives to help couples & family members diminish self-defeating behaviors, behavior patterns that frustrate their ability to meet their goals/challenges. My background in marriage and family therapy afforded me opportunities to train with many innovators in the MFT field.  Training influences include brief/solution-focused, short-term family therapy models and psychodyanamic, systems, as well as empirical models of MFT therapy.  Family therapy training at predoctoral internship at the renowned Dallas Child Guidance Clinic, the second oldest child guidance clinic in the nation.     

Since 1992, I am certified with Clinical Membership in the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT), the national certification for MFT therapy.  In 1993 I was  Licensed as a MFT in the State of Texas.  In my current Systems-Oriented work (see Systems-Centered®Therapy) I continue to train and develop rich understanding of how to assist in detangling the problem dynamics that plague couples.  
My practice helps couples build their relationship, enhance functional roles.  Through discovering strengths and learning how to cooperatively build, new pathways open to living in the type of relationship and family life, ways that best fit the present.  I continue developing my Systems-Oriented approaches in couples work through monthly couples training and on-going psychotherapy training in Systems-Centered® Therapy.

My internship at the Dallas Child Guidance Clinic (DCGC), provided an in-patient rotation on the alcohol dependency unit at the Dallas VA Medical Center.  One year later, I was awarded a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in the Chemical Addiction Program ("CAP") at the Dallas VA.  During my fellowship tenure, working on a multidisciplinary team, I provided group therapy, individual treatment planning, testing, and educational programming for patients. I also worked with other Fellows in Occupational Therapy, Nursing, and Social Work in developing a couple’s group program.  
At the Georgia Tech Counseling Center, I developed the assessment and counseling services for substance abuse.  I also became a Certified Instructor, certified by the Prevention Research Institute, teaching the Prime for Life substance abuse educational course for college students. I served as a certified evaluator and treatment provider for the Georgia Multiple DUI Offender Program. Furthermore, for 20 years, my professional relationship with Dr. Robert Margolis has served as an on-going resource for training in addiction and recovery

Currently, my substance abuse experience and background is used to identify and address related problems in all clinical work, working with substance abuse problems at all ends of the spectrum. My years of clinical experience allow these sensitive problems to be addressed tactfully in sensible, practical ways. I remain informed of research developments in the ever-changing field of addiction, chemical and process addictions, through updates from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and other resources.

Please click here for more information about current groups. "Transitions" is an on-going interpersonal psychotherapy group for adults. "Contemplation" is another group for men, ages 30-70, who are contemplating their use of alcohol and the impact it may be having in their lives.  Please contact me if you want to be screened for group.  I possess over 25 years experience in leading groups view group therapy as the optimal treatment of choice for many types of problems. 

My practice helps individuals and couples reduce and eliminate anxiety and depressive mood symptoms. This focal point of clinical work involves employing treatment methods that have been demonstrated to be most effective in remedying anxiety & mood symptoms.  The treatment methods I utilize are potent to target enhancing/regulating mood, yet also the sources of such.  We work, concurrently, to reduce symptoms before they emerge as problematic.  Problem patterns related to triggering symptoms may transform, reducing relapses.  I work in conjunction with concurrent psychiatric treatments and provide referrals for psychiatric consultation when warranted. 


Personality and Chronic Interpersonal Problems  

Many maladaptive patterns in interpersonal functioning are related to ways of coping developed in childhood and in earlier life experiences. Ways of coping in life become outmoded; however, many times we continue to use coping and social skills that are not effective in the current life context. Therapy can be effective in identifying such patterns and modifying them to fit current needs. Past traumatic experiences also may evoke styles of adapting that later in life may interfere with effective styles of relating, both personally and professionally. I employ clinical methods designed to address such patterns and develop new, adaptive styles of relating and approaching goals. I work with clients who have trauma history.  I also refer to other skilled trauma specialist clinicians for more extensive/complex trauma cases.  

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)


I performed psycho-educational testing for the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD and learning disorders for over 25 years.  For three years I held a part-time position at the Texas Tech University Counseling Center, focusing exclusively on the determining educational and psychological diagnoses and interventions. Internship  at Dallas Child Guidance Clinic involved intensive training and evaluations for children with a range of learning problems. Finishing internship, I worked as a School Psychologist with the Dallas ISD Special Education Department, exclusively focusing on the evaluation of children and adolescent needs. 


Now in private practice, I focus on identifying such conditions with late adolescents and adults, guiding them and their families to make the adjustments that best help them succeed in education, career, and their personal/family life. I am vigilant in staying current in the research of ADHD and I make research results available to all of clients. I also integrate career interest/vocational assessment in ADHD assessment and treatment. 
Testing services are provided to evaluate symptoms of distress and disturbance, including most types of objective and projective personality evalutation. Assessment goals are to identify a clear understanding in diagnosis and treatment recommendations.   Areas of assessment include Adult ADHD, Substance Abuse/Addiction, Mood Disorders, Anger, and Anxiety Disorders.  A listing of all tests and testing services available upon request.  
Psychological Testing never billed to Insurance or Third Parties

This practice affirms and supports individuals and families of all races, cultures, religions, and sexual orientations.

Dr. Frontman is a National Health Service Psychologist.  A National Health Service Psychologist is a licensed psychologist who is certified to be fully & comprehensively trained to independently practice in his state to provide prevention, evaluation, assessment & treatment services.

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