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This practice is a "Safe Space" working to affirm and support individuals and families of all sexual orientations and religious/ethnic backgrounds.
Information Support Resources for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning people and their allies.

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In-Network Insurance Coverage


Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Tricare/Tricare PRIME
United Healthcare
Value Options Behavioral
Minimum Insurance Reimbursement Fee: $75.00
Minimum Group Therapy Insurance Reimbursement Fee: $40.00
Insurance Fee Information 
Electronic billing for  insurance is provided as a courtesy for in-network insurance patients.
All new patients requesting using their insurance are responsible for providing ALL information needed for billing at the time of initial session:
(1)  Verification of meeting insurance outpatient deductible for psychological services
(2)  Required co-payments (co-pay)
(3)  Any/all pre-authorization required for services, prior to (and post) the initial session
(4)  Identifiying the insurance contracted fee for CPT 97901 -- the initial evaluation -- for the first session
All insurance information needs to be registered through www.therapyappointment.com prior to initial session. Please be sure to include the address of your insurance probvider. 
In the event that this information is not provided in-advance or at the time of service, then patients pay Dr. Frontman's standard fees.  Once payment is made by insurance, (verified through Explanation-of-Benefits [EOB's]), any overpayments are refunded.  Your insurance company will be able to provide you their fee structure upon request.  Additional billing for services are charged $5.00 per billing.
Initial Evaluation Appointments (90 Minutes)     CPT 90791      $150.00
Individual Psychotherapy (45 minutes)               CPT  90834     $120.00
Marriage & Family or Couples (50 minutes)        CPT 90847       $125.00
Group Psychotherapy (90 minutes)                     CPT 90853      $50.00
Substance Abuse Evaluation                                            $450.00 Minimum Fee
ADHD Evaluation                                                               $500.00  Minimum Fee
Reports, letters, evals: $125.00 prorated/hr ($50.00 min)     CPT 90889
Emergency consultations > 10 min $125.00/hr, prorated      CPT 90839 
Emergency Consultations>10 PM $125.00/hr, prorated         CPT 90839
Psychological Testing $125.00/hr                                             CPT 96101
Psychological Testing (Computer) $125.00/hr                        CPT 96103
Urine Drug Screening $40-$105                                                CPT 80101
Missed Appt. $65 or Full Fee                                                     CPT 99199

This practice is considered a "Safe Space" affirming and supporting individuals and families of all races, cultures, religions, and sexual orientations.

Dr. Frontman is a National Health Service Psychologist.
A National Health Service Psychologist is a licensed psychologist who is certified to be fully & comprehensively trained to independently practice in his state to provide prevention, evaluation, assessment & treatment services.


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